GETSMART, short for Getting Everyone to Study Math and Related Technologies, is an educational and mentoring program created out of an academic-industry partnership between the University of Tampa’s Information & Technology Management department and a non-profit technology based organization, the Tampa Bay Technology Leadership Association (TBTLA).



The Goal

The goal of GETSMART is to identify, influence and mentor 4th-12th grade students in West-Central Florida to pursue STEM related education and careers. The program strives to increase the number of young students who select math, science and information technology as further education or a career field by broadening the students’ understanding of the importance of these studies, and raising awareness that math, science and technology are interlaced into many careers.



The US Department of Labor projects that Information Technology will continue as one of the fastest growing occupational areas over the next decade! This session will include the discussion of math, science and technology career trends, students’ perceptions of math, science and technology classes and careers, and several hands-on workshops. We offer numerous breakout sessions for the kids to experience first-hand how technology works. A few sessions are:

  • Breaking down desktop computers and learning the different parts and why they’re important
  • Learning the technology that drives a drone, how it works and why drones are important to our future
  • Online programming sessions
  • A Cryptography session

Become a GETSMART Sponsor

This free GETSMART event averages between 60-80 students and your support will go toward covering breakfast, an afternoon lunch, printing of the programs, a raffle and participation of giveaways. Any marketing collateral that you have to offer would also be appreciated and distributed to the students such as bags, pens, pencils, calculators, toys, etc.. If you would like to contribute branded items, please arrange for 80 items for all students OR, if a larger item, we will add them to our end-of-program raffle giveaways. The last GETSMART event was a tremendous success and we gave away a drone at the end!

Your generous sponsorship will be highlighted in our event program, which will be handed out to all of our participants. You and any other representatives of your company are welcome to attend; so we can thank you personally for your support and you can see how much fun the students have. This year we have four levels of sponsorship your company can choose from. They are listed below.

Senior Class

Primary Sponsor


Donation entitles company to an appreciation announcement during kick-off, branding/logo on full back page of brochure, ability to offer branded collateral for take-bags and/or prize donation for contest winners, large signage at event and food table(s) and photos of the event and winners for your company’s use.

Junior Class

Lunch Sponsor


In addition to providing lunch to our attendees, this level entitles your company to branding/logo on full back of brochure, ability to offer branded collateral for take-bags and/or branded prize donation for contest winners, large signage at event.

Sophomore Class

Breakfast Sponsor 


In addition to providing breakfast to our attendees, this level entitles your company to branding/logo on 1⁄2 page insert in brochure, ability to offer branded collateral for take- bags, large signage at event.

Freshman Class



This level entitles company to branding/logo on consolidated list of sponsors in brochure and ability to offer branded collateral for take-bags.


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