Membership Criteria

Holds a senior management position within an IS or IT department;

Plays a key leadership role in the organization;

Has the authority to hire and discharge staff.

Below are the membership plans to choose from. What size fits your company?

Are you interested in becoming a member? Please email any questions to

Online Membership Order

  • $75.00

    One Member per Company

  • $150.00

    Two to three members

  • $300.00

    Four to seven members

  • $500.00

    Eight to 12 members

Check or Cash Membership Order

To download the application for membership, click on the link

Membership Benefits

Professional Development

Share ideas and solutions to IT problems

Network with IT professionals

Network with IT educators

Leadership opportunities within the organization

Local Venues

Social Activities in Tampa Bay, and St. Petersburg


Interaction with college students

Leadership coaching (UT MBA program)

Programs for advancing STEM careers for middle and high school students


Members are eligible to join Suncoast Federal Credit Union

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